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Unparalleled Convenience

InstaPay simplifies payments, making them effortless and convenient for everyone involved. Our user-friendly interfaces ensure that you can send or receive money with ease, whether you're a merchant, customer, or supplier.

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Regulatory Compliance

We take compliance seriously. Our seamless onboarding process adheres to KYC and anti-money laundering regulations, with data authenticated against official regulatory databases via APIs.

Valuable Insights

Access valuable insights and analytics, empowering data-driven decision-making and strategic planning.

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Quick Steps To Use Our Services

Whether you are a customer or a merchant, it's very easy to start using InstaPay. Go through the step-by-step onboarding process, and you can start using the app and portal.

  • Download App

    Head to the App Store and download the consumer app if you want to make payments, or the merchant app if you want to trade.

  • Create an account

    A simple onboarding process will have your InstaPay account set up in no time.

  • Get Amazing Services

    Choose your theme, set-up your quick actions, and personalise your account.

  • Start Transacting!

    Whether you want to make or receive payments, you are now ready to start doing just that!

InstaPay in Numbers

Over half a Million

Transactions Processed

We're already trusted by over half a million individuals and businesses with their payment needs


Customer Satisfaction

We're already processing over 150 000 transactions every year.


in Processed Payments

We facilitate the movement of over 50 million rands through our platform annually.

Put Money in Your Hands
Put Money in Your Hands

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Discover the future of payments with InstaPay, where innovation meets trust, and convenience is the norm. Join our ecosystem today, and experience a new era of digital commerce with a network you can rely on.

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