Customer app Key features:


Regulatory instant
digital onboarding


Multiple ways of
money transfers

  • EFT
  • Wallet to wallet
  • Card payments
  • QR codes
  • Cash-in and out at 3rd party

Lifestyle convenience
payments (Mobile top-ups,
utility payments, DSTV)


Convenience of identifying
sector of service, locating
and navigation to selected merchant


Transactions analytics
and record of spend


Ability to view and benefit
from instantaneous
merchant offers

4 Quick Steps To Use Our Services

Whether you're a consumer or a merchant, we've made it simple to start using InstaPay. No long forms, no more waiting weeks for your account, here's how:

  • Download App

    Head to the App Store and download the consumer app if you want to make payments, or the merchant app if you want to trade.
  • Create your Account

    A simple onboarding process will have your InstaPay account set up in no time.
  • Set your Preferences

    Choose your theme, set-up your quick actions, and personalise your account.
  • Start Transacting!

    Whether you want to make or receive payments, you are now ready to start doing just that!
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Fast and safe account setup

Experience an easy and secure account creation process. Simply enter your personal details and upload the documents following instructions in App. Wait for our system to verify your identity, ensuring it's truly you. Access and use your digital wallet within minutes.

Making payments just got easier


Available Payment Options for Consumers

  • QR payments: make an instant payment by scanning QR code of InstaPay customer, or anyone who's using Scan to Pay QR network
  • Wallet to Wallet: Within seconds transfer money to any InstaPay user
  • EFT payment: send an EFT to any bank account using a few simple steps
  • Cash at ATM: don't know any bank details? Send cash using just a phone number and your receiver will get a code to draw cash from our Banking partners!

eWallet Features

Topping up the wallet

  • Bank Account: Easily transfer funds from your bank account to your wallet via EFT
  • Store: Conveniently load cash into your wallet at partner stores by simply scanning the in-app barcode
  • InstaPay merchant: Locate the nearest InstaPay merchant on the map and load cash into your wallet by displaying your QR code
  • Card: Instantly top-up your wallet from any card using our MasterPass* partners

Wallet withdrawals

  • Bank Account: make an EFT from your wallet to your bank account in a breeze
  • Store: use any store which is a partner with YoYo and get the cash from your wallet just using in-app QR-code
  • ATM: crate a cash voucher in 1 step and withdraw cash from our banking partner's ATM

Lifestyle Payments

  • Mobile Top ups: top up your mobile or purchase vouchers for your friends and loved ones
  • DSTV bills: pay your DSTV bill using just your DSTV account
  • Electricity top ups: get vouchers for your electricity meter

Benefit from instantaneous
merchant offers

Get real-time access to exclusive deals and promotions

  1. Real-Time Offers
    Find the latest discounts and deals from various merchants instantly.
  2. Personalized Recommendations
    Get tailored recommendations based on your shopping history and preferences.
  3. Easy Redemption
    Redeem offers with a simple click or by scanning a merchant's QR code during your payment.
  4. Location-Based Offers
    Discover nearby deals with location-based notifications when you're close to a participating store.
  5. Instant Alerts
    Receive push notifications for new offers and when you're near a store with a deal.

Transactions analytics and record of spend

Access a comprehensive overview of your financial transactions

  1. Transactions History
    View a complete list of your past transactions, including date, time, merchant, amount, and category.
  2. Filtering and Sorting
    Easily find specific transactions by filtering and sorting based on date, type, or merchant.
  3. Spending Categories
    Spending Categories Transactions are grouped into categories like groceries or dining, so you can see where your money goes.
  4. Charts and Graphs
    Charts and graphs show your spending patterns and trends, making it easy to understand your finances.

Customize your app as you like

Customize your app's appearance and functionality to suit your preferences! Pick your preferred theme color and select the most frequently used action buttons from our feature catalog to make them accessible on your dashboard.

We're here to support you every
step of the way.

Still need more info?

If you have questions or need more information about how InstaPay can transform your business, our team of experts is ready to assist you. Don't hesitate to contact us with your inquiries. We're here to provide you with all the details you need to put the best foot forward for your business!

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Ready to Get Started?

Fantastic! Onboard for free today and unlock a world of seamless transactions and powerful business management tools. Sign up now to begin your journey with InstaPay. We can't wait to welcome you to our community of satisfied merchants!

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Why Choose InstaPay Customer Solutions?

  • Access to the lowest transaction fee's available in SA, check out our pricing.
  • Choice and convenience through integrated features all through a single application.
  • Reliable Compliance: Stay compliant with ease, thanks to our robust KYC and AML features.
  • Efficiency: Save time and reduce manual efforts with our user-friendly tools.
  • Customer Engagement: Enhance your customer engagement with in-app marketing and value-added services.
  • Security: Trust in our secure and encrypted payment processing.
  • Insightful Analytics: Make informed decisions with our advanced transaction analytics.
  • Versatility: Whether you run a retail store, restaurant, or service business, InstaPay has solutions tailored to your needs.
Put Money in Your Hands
Put Money in Your Hands

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